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Insurance Information Questions Answered

Are You Buying Too Much Health Insurance?

In many instances, only 10% to 20% of the covered individuals in a group health insurance plan actually use the plan to its fullest. If you are providing your employees with a $100 to $250 major medical deductible, 80% to 90% of those individuals may never satisfy their deductible. You're paying full premium for coverage that isn't being used.
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Are You Getting an Accounting of Your Program?

If you're like most employers, the answer is no. Information on losses versus premiums paid out is unknown to you. With Med-Pay's program, you receive a monthly printout indicating the total dollars paid in benefits in relation to your funding of the plan.

How Much is Illness Costing You?

With Med-Pay's approach, you not only receive the monthly Benefit/Funding Analysis, but you also know what illnesses are taking the biggest share of your premium. This can help you track trends within your employee population or modify your plan design if indicated.

Did You Know You Could Custom Design Your Plan, No Matter How Large or Small the Group?

With our program, you can provide a customized set of benefits to your employees that may vary substantially from the limited array of products offered by insurance companies. These may include medical, dental, vision, and weekly income, to mention a few.

How Can Med-Pay Pay Claims Within 14 Days of Filing?

Because we're an independently owned company, Med-Pay does not have all the bureaucratic mechanisms that tend to slow down claim administration inherent with most insurance companies. Questions that must be answered before a claim can be paid may often be handled by phone. This results in faster service for you and faster payment for your associates.

How Can You Be Sure That a Hospital Stay is Medically Necessary?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could be sure that your plan is paying for treatment and hospital days that are medically necessary before charges are incurred? Med-Pay offers an in-house precertification/utilization review program through MPI Care.

MPI Care, in conjunction with Med-Pay, Inc., is a full spectrum organization. Our precertification program significantly reduces costs. Combined with our utilization review and case management programs, MPI Care improves quality of care, sustains savings and still maintains the patient advocacy concept. Our interactive involvement with health care providers and patients creates a cohesive managed care program which promotes a "common sense" approach to the delivery of health care.

By having this program in-house, a more effective coordination of claims processing and cooperative care management can be offered than may otherwise be available with an outside firm.