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Broker Services

We offer broker services, where employers collaborate with Med-Pay to design a tailored employee benefits offering that meets their unique needs.

At Med-Pay, we redefine the role of a broker by seamlessly blending our profound industry knowledge with the tailored recommendations from our team. Our brokers provide more than just plan information and quotes; they offer expert guidance throughout the insurance-buying process.

We can assist clients with the design and placement of multiple coverage lines, including medical, dental, vision, life, short-term disability, long-term disability and more. These broker services complement our in-house administration of self-insured benefit plans, flexible spending plans, health reimbursement arrangement plans and COBRA. This combination of services is unique and allows us to oversee and administer a client’s entire benefit offering in one place.

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Flexible Treatment Options

Debilitating chronic disease is already enough of a burden, we find the best care solution to meet each member’s needs.