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Traditional Self-Funded

We offer traditional self-funded plans, where employers collaborate with Med-Pay to design a tailored benefits offering that meets their unique needs.

The experts at Med-Pay administer self-funded plans as intended, transparent and simple. Med-Pay's reporting capabilities provide plans vital information needed to measure performance. By unbundling the services that traditional insurance providers lump together, we help you reduce costs while offering a more comprehensive benefits package. We work with the broker and client to develop a clear understanding of their unique needs. Allowing us to design customized solutions, Med-Pay's comprehensive plan administration includes:

Database/ Reporting Capabilities

Because of our client base and being actively involved with various network programs for over 40 years, our database reflects an in-depth accumulation of plan costs, savings, provider and insured utilization reviews, and other health care plan data that can be leveraged for our clients. Med-Pay provides clients with comprehensive reports that provide useful information in a user-friendly format.

Plan Design

Med-Pay assists clients in determining the most appropriate plan benefit options for their organization. Working with clients, we develop custom plans to include benefits and features that are meaningful and meet the needs of our members. Whenever a client is considering a plan design change or addition, we can provide plan modeling to determine the estimated financial impact of proposed changes. Our team is always available for discussion, analysis, and evaluation of the best benefit design to fit out clients' unique needs.

Discount Arrangements

Med-Pay has relationships with regional and national PPO networks and pharmacy benefit managers. We help employers assess and implement the most appropriate discount arrangements available for their circumstances.

Client Advocate

Med-Pay is a facilitator and partner with our clients in the ever-changing healthcare space. From network development to implementation of regulations, Med-Pay is at the forefront of assisting our clients throughout each and every process that impacts their benefit plan. Our experience in claims administration allows us to be a proactive partner, leading with creative solutions as the market evolves.

Case Study

Flexible Treatment Options

Debilitating chronic disease is already enough of a burden, we find the best care solution to meet each member’s needs.